Fitness Trends To Avoid

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We are a month an half into 2017 (like you didn't know!) and for some of you, your fitness goals are well and truly being smashed! For others, you may be totally stuck, 'what am I supposed to do?' 'What about taking fat burners?' Please don't just try anything under the sun just because it's got a picture of a well-toned woman on the front. Have a read of this and cross these fitness fads off your list!

Meal Replacement Shakes

Now this doesn't mean companies who sell protein as a meal replacement, because they want you to take that in-between your meals, to stop you snacking- which is totally fine! I'm talking about those companies who tell you to substitute your evening meal with a milkshake. A milkshake?! They are not healthy. I'm sorry, but no matter how many articles I read on how they are 'full of vitamins and nutrients', I can't help thinking they are processed crap, with no calories (and lets face it guys, calories are life!) and incredibly low on vitamins.

Waist Trainer

Remember the Victorians used to wear corsets to push their rib cages closer so they have smaller waists? This is all a waist trainer does. It doesn't magically get rid of fat around your waist.

Detox Teas

I just hate typing that into Google to research it... So companies are expecting you to substitute say breakfast with a cup of tea. Obviously if you did this for a month or two, you would see results. You would see your stomach fat reduce, yay. However, you can't see whats going on inside you. They make you loose water weight, which, as soon as you stop taking the tea will come straight back on- oops! Plus most of the contain laxatives. Nice. There is a great article on Teen Vogue.

Going Gluten Free

I'd say this is the biggest fitness fad of recent times. If you are gluten intolerant, fine, don't eat gluten. If it makes you bloated (and you are 100% sure it's gluten) ok, maybe cut down. But if you're cutting out gluten of your diet, it doesn't make you any more healthy than someone who eats scrambled eggs on wholemeal bread. Gluten free products are still processed and contain crappy ingredients.

Gas Mask Training

I actually saw someone in the gym with a mask on a few months ago. I had never even heard of them before then and couldn't help wondering how it worked. Or even if it works. So basically they deprive  you of air. WTF? Hello?! There's a huge difference between having less air and less oxygen! Please, you don't need to suffocate yourself to get a harder workout...

Juice Cleanses

Similar to detox teas, just no. They don't help you hit your macros for the day, they don't 'wash out your insides', they may just give you a high sugar intake. Not what we want. Plus, have you seen how expensive they are?!

So this was just a brief overview into these fitness fads. There is so much research (for and against) and I'd really recommend having a look into them if you are taking/ using any of these. I am not an expert, but I have a hell of a lot of common sense.

I will be writing a post soon on fitness fads to jump on!

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January Favourites

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January is done and dusted. What an awful month! I'm not one to put a downer on a FriYAY but the first month of 2017 has been pretty rubbish: bad news in the family, Trump making whacky decisions, being overloaded with Uni work and the occasional spot (yawn). But I'm not letting anything get me down- life's too short. Here are some products I have been loving over the last month...

Staple and hands down the best eye makeup remover I have ever bought. I have been using this for years and it has never let me down. It's affordable and removes mascara, eye makeup and brow products. I tip a bit onto a cotton pad and hold it over my eye/ brown and then wipe a few times then repeat on the other eye. You will need another cotton pad for your brows.

beauty, blogger, bristol, caramel, cardiff, January favourites, mac paint pot, nix brush, review, simple, soap and glory, student, swansea, uni, zoeva,

ZOEVA Caramel Melange Palette | £18 (similar)
Meet the newest member of my eye palette family. The Caramel Melange palette is the limited edition one that sells out straight away. I have been using it on the weekends and although it doesn't include any dark shades like I always wear, it's great for trying new looks you know will turn out fab. I think it's affordable and the shadows themselves are pigmented to the max and are beautiful colours.

After eyeing this bad boy up for a few months, I decided to spend my Boots points on it and I am so glad I did. This brush is the ultimate tool for brows as it can brush through them and then can apply a pomade/ gel/ wax/ powder. The application side of the brush is small and can create whatever look you fancy. What a versatile tool!

beauty, blogger, bristol, caramel, cardiff, January favourites, mac paint pot, nix brush, review, simple, soap and glory, student, swansea, uni, zoeva,

Hanxrenee goes on about this product so much and whenever she primes her eyes with it, I always admired the nice, clean base she was able to apply her shadows too. So I caved. I picked up the Paint Pot and do not regret it. It's better than the Urban Decay eye primer that I am used to although you need a brush to apply it, the finish after shadows is brilliant.

I am sometimes weary of large wanted mascaras incase they clump up my lashes. But the Soap and Glory one doesn't do this at all. I like to apply it after I have curled my lashes and although I wouldn't agree with the volume (I don't think it lengthens them greatly) it makes them very thick and very dark.

What have you been loving?


Tips for Running a Blog, Studying Full Time and Juggling Life

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I am now in my last few months of my BA English and Journalism degree. That means fourteen weeks left to get the best possible results I can in my english essays and portfolio, journalism website project and feature writing. All that while juggling my little corner of the internet can be difficult, especially when you're at the last hurdle. I've managed to blog, study full time, have a social life, gain internships and gym five to six times a week for the last three years. #girlbossing or what? I won't lie and say it's been easy, it's not. But with the right mindset, I have been able to do it.

Blogging isn't just writing. It's writing, photography and social media all rolled into one. With each of those comes many things you need to do on a weekly basis. It takes hours every week. But I love it. Growing a blog is possible while studying full time and here are a few tips I find work for me.

1. Blogging should be a hobby
If you get home from University, do some work and sit down to watch TV then suddenly thing, "Oh god I have to write a blog post", then blogging may not be for you. You should be thinking "Ooh I haven't written my blog post for tomorrow, better get crackin'" and be looking forward to writing as an outlet, a way of de-stressing.

2. Plan your schedule
This is the most important tip I can give you. Without a plan, I probably wouldn't have gotten this far. As soon as you get your timetable for education, add in some dedicated blogging time here and there. If it doesn't work after a week, try it somewhere else. Also, I like to add in gym time either in the morning or evening, so find out what works for you. I'm in my final year and I thought I would have no life, but I do. No where near as much time as first year, but I get everything done.

3. Work out what works and what doesn't
I take my photos whenever I have a free half and hour in the week at around lunch time (most likely to see a little bit of sun) and then I edit them and write blog posts throughout the week. I do have my own personal blog schedule, however I don't get beat up about it if I miss a blog post and you shouldn't either. I'm sure you don't know off the top of your head when all your fave bloggers post? It doesn't matter if you miss one once in a while, hell, every month. You can schedule and promote old posts to keep your traffic up and remember, quality over quantity.

blogger, blogging, bristol, cardiff, coping with university, hannah rose, hanrosewilliams, lifestyle, swansea, juggling, running blog, student

4. Use your gaps
At University, I see so many people just sit around for an hour break. After all, what can one do in 60 minutes? Well, a lot! Because of the previous point, I would've already decided what to do in that hour, whether it's emails, scheduling social media, checking out Instagram, editing a post, doing some uni reading etc. If you have a three hour break, you can get a chunk of work out of the way. Get ahead! However, if your brain is literally fried and you need a break, there's no shame in that. Pick up a coffee and do some reading, or online shopping. Just remember to make up for the work in the evening!

5. Write weekly to-do lists and monthly goals
Now this point is my personal fave. I am not a stressed, anxious person when it comes to my workload and this is mainly down to the face I break it up as I go. I religiously use a wall planner for my uni deadlines (highly recommend!), stick a piece of paper up every month with progress I should be doing and use a checklist each week for smaller tasks. This allowed me to make sure I was equally dedicating my time to each module, after all uni work does come first at this point (all final year students join in with a Mexican wave). I would also include blog post x2 on the list that I would work on here and there when I was feeling a little overwhelmed and like I needed a break. Like when waiting for my dinner to cook or the shower to be free.
When it comes to check lists, don't forget to be realistic. Make sure you're planning ahead, too.

6. Pull back your deadlines
I have started to do this in my final year and it is a little crazy but it blooming works! If I have a deadline on the 24th of March, I will tell myself it's two weeks before. I don't know if something else will happen, I may have to go home or I just don't want to do my work. Giving yourself less time will make you do it! I hate leaving things till the last minute, it's just not me, can't do it!

7. Take care of yourself
While getting good results, maintaining your relationships, blogging, gym and work experience is important, you must remember your priorities (the order in which these mean to you) and look after yourself. You don't need to attend every lecture, if you are behind on some reading or an assignment, get that done instead. Let your lecturer know what's going on. Use all your time wisely but please, take some time out to bum around in front of Gossip Girl with a glass of vino, I beg you...

How To Make Healthy Decisions

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We are one month into 2017 and I am personally not missing its predecessor one tiny bit. I am, however, planning ahead for this year and so far it’s looking busy: full of deadlines, trips away and events. While I’m super excited to find out what this year has in store for me, I need to remember to look after myself. Now it may seem selfish, but how am I supposed to look after those around me without looking after myself first?

Here are some ways you can make healthy decisions without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

Self-checks and health assessments

Many people encounter difficulties when it comes to self-assessing their health. There can be a number of reasons for this. Upon detecting a health concern, it is common to simply ignore it. Or to Google is and start reading about the worst possible outcomes (has anyone else done this numerous times?!). This can be down to personal embarrassment or through a fear that what you have discovered could be something serious.

Now people, it’s completely natural to feel uneasy about a health concern or irregularity, but you must ensure that you get the help you need, and more often than not there will be nothing to worry about. Never feel as though you are wasting a GP’s time by getting something checked, and you should never feel embarrassed about a health concern. They have seen whatever it is you’re worried about thousands of times. Familiarise yourself with ‘red flag’ symptoms.

It can also be hard to remember to carry out routine checks. Set personal reminders to counteract this and ensure you are using an appropriate method for detection. Both men and women should check for unusual lumps and bumps on a regular basis. Remember that the sooner you get a concern seen to by a doctor, the sooner your health will be to getting back to normal.

Perform regular activity

It is recommended that everyone does at least 30 minutes of exercise a day minimum. The thought of spending half an hour each day slaving away on a treadmill sounds pretty crazy to me, so I like to mix it up and create a plan full of my favourite activities. I love jogging outside when it’s warmer, hitting the gym and weightlifting daily, and yoga in my bedroom. The list is endless. But remember, 30 minutes is just a rough guide, and the amount that you should ideally be doing will vary depending on your personal needs and goals. You should talk to your GP to get tailored advice on what you need to be doing to improve your health.

There are many benefits to regular exercise. Aside from making you physically fitter and healthier, it can improve your mental health and prevent the development of diseases. You can also turn it into a social activity. By choosing a fun activity with a group or some friends, you can make exercise feel less like a chore and you may meet new, likeminded people. Collaborating with others and providing motivation for each other can also help you stick to your goals.

Eat a healthier diet

Yaaas, food! Combine your new exercise routine with a healthy diet. This means making reasonable substitutes to your daily intake. If you usually drink alcohol regularly, and particularly if you often consume above the recommended allowances, you should start to notice some immediate improvements. These can include being able to get a deeper sleep (I personally love sleep, I’m all for longer, deeper sleep), experiencing sustained and boosted energy levels throughout the day, having better concentration, and a brighter mood. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and contains high calorie levels, so a cutting back will also benefit your waistline and skincare.

Drink more water to stay hydrated and maintain your body fluid levels. I like to always carry a litre bottle with me (pink of course) and just sip on that throughout the day. Don’t forget to always include a portion of fruit and vegetables with your meal, cut out junk food snacks during the day, and ditch processed foods in favour of fresh produce where possible.

Stay positive

Although I am a positive person, I sometimes experience periods when it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook. One of the best ways to go about lifting yourself from lethargy is to socialise and get out of the house. Spending more time with friends and giving yourself the opportunity to meet new people can improve your self-esteem and eradicate feelings of isolation and anxiety. It is also hugely beneficial for your mental health to discuss your concerns with those around you.

Sharing stresses can provide a great sense of relief, and also give you a fresh perspective on your problems. You may find that you are often getting worked up over nothing once you have talked things through with someone who can see the situation from a vantage point stripped of the emotional entanglement. If you still have concerns or are finding that your negative mind set is lasting for an extended period of time or becoming too much to handle alone, talk to your GP. Mental health should not treated as a taboo subject and there is a great deal of support available to you. There are always people there for you, you’re not alone.

About One Stop Doctors

With access to some of the country’s finest specialist consultants, One Stop Doctors can provide the healthcare expertise you need in one place should you have any concerns surrounding the topics discussed in this article. All services and treatments are tailored to the individual needs and lifestyles of each patient, so you can be sure you’re making the best decisions for your health.

*This is a collaborative post with One Stop Doctors

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner Review

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I was reviewing my makeup collection a while ago and realised I had a grand total of four lipliners. FOUR?! Who am I? I am not worthy of a beauty blogger title. Of course, no one needs 20 lipliners, but its nice to have options and my passion is trying and testing them out. So I invested in some new lipliners, taking  advantage of Rimmel's 3-4-2 offer and I chose their 1000 Kisses lipliner in three shades.

lipliner, rimmel 1000 kisses, review, hanrosewilliams, hannah rose, blogger, beauty, swansea, bristol, cardiff,

The packaging is pretty standard for Rimmel. I like that the pencils are coloured the same as the liner colour, making it easy to shift through my huge collection (!). The silver writing is pretty, however I have been using Spice for only a week and it's started to rub off.

lipliner, rimmel 1000 kisses, review, hanrosewilliams, hannah rose, blogger, beauty, swansea, bristol, cardiff,

Rimmel state that the liners last up to eight hours. I have tried and tested all three and when eating and drinking, they last about 4-5 hours. I couldn't tell you if they can last eight hours as I can't go that long without food (y'all hear me?!). The consistency is creamy and as long as they're sharpened and have a slight dent, they glide on. I sometimes like to fill in my lips with the liners for a base to prep my lips for another product, which gives a more intense colour. They also look good with a clear gloss on top!

lipliner, rimmel 1000 kisses, review, hanrosewilliams, hannah rose, blogger, beauty, swansea, bristol, cardiff,

The three colours I chose were Red Dynamite (an orange/red with tiny gold flecks), Spice and Black Tulip (great on its own!). Spice is by far my favourite, I have been pairing it with the infamous Cairo by NYX.

For £2.99 each, these lipliners are a winner!

Have you tried these lipliners?
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