The Best Things About Autumn

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While autumn isn't my favourite season (it's winter if you were wondering), it is the start of a new educational year and I feel refreshed and I look forward to it every year. Here are a few reasons why...

The TV

Quite often, series split and October means that they are coming back on. Like my fave, The Walking Dead. Yes yes yes, who was murdered out of the circle? My bet is on Michonne but I hope it's not her. The Apprentice and I'm A Celeb are also gracing our screens soon and I can't wait.


I want to say the Bath and Body Works candles are my autumn go-to's but we don't get them in the UK and I have never actually smelt them... Yankee are my favourites and I love the Halloween and pumpkin ones. In fact, all the cake/ food smelling ones are autumnal staples. If the B&BW candles smell better than Yankee's, I will be surprised.

Hot Drinks

I drink iced coffees when it's hot so when the cold weather starts to come, I down boiling hot drinks all day. Tea and coffee and the occasional pumpkin spiced lattes (this is a post about autumn, I obviously had to mention those) will be consumed this season.

Dark Makeup

I can bring out my MAC Rebel and Media without looking gothic- hurray! Also the berry and purple nails will be painted throughout this season. I'm not sure why deeper colours represent autumn, but they do and I love it.

Knitted Items

Skirts, hats, scarves and jumpers. Add any of these to your outfit and you will look exactly like a girl from Tumblr in the autumn. There is nothing wrong with that. I love an oversized jumper that covers everything because it feels like you're going to Uni with a blanket around you- winning.


The leaves fall off the trees and the ground starts to get icy. I love avoiding them in my huge boots and the colours of the leaves. It reminds me of walking to school when term starts. Fab.

What do you love about Autumn?

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes Review

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It feels like forever since I last posted a product review and really, that's where my blog all started. My opinion on a moisturiser or a new mascara would be written and posted here and that is ok. Everyone's opinion matters and I hate seeing bloggers put down other bloggers (usually indirectly) for having an opinion. I just wanted to mention this and reassure anyone who is nervous about posting- go for it!

Now onto this little wonder in a tube. If you haven't heard of NYX then I'm afraid you're a little behind... Not to mention missing out! In most Boots there is now a NYX counter (if you don't, take my advice and order some of the lip products- they're all fabulous). Cannes, a Soft Matte Lip Cream caught my eye as it looked neutral, but a little more exciting than you bog-standard nude.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes Review, blogger, review, makeup, beauty, hanrosewilliams, hannah rose, swansea, cardiff, bristol, student,

I would say this isn't a gloss or lipstick but in-between. It applies smoothly, but you do have to apply one coat on the top and one on the bottom with the applicator. When you first apply, it has a rather liquid consistency, but after a few minutes, the finish becomes a soft matte (name gives it away) and lasts for a few hours unless you're eating, then you'll need to re-apply asap. It smells yummy, like a vanilla and is surprisingly moisturising.

The colour is a dark peach/ rosy and I love it! I have been wearing this daily and think it's the perfect transitional shade to take my lips into Autumn. The packaging is sleek and looks professional, which I like.

Have you tried any NYX products? What should I get next?


Battle Of Black Eyeliners (Drugstore V High End)

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Finding the perfect black liner is like finding the perfect bra. You have so many requirements: staying power, colour, pigmentation, etc. I've compared four liners, two high end and three drugstore which is always an interesting comparison. So if you're on the hunt for a new liner, feel free to choose from this list.

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder | £15.50

This was one of my first black liners (after I bought a fake one off eBay- don't bother, they're pants.) and being MAC, I assumed it would be fabulous. It's a nice size, so you feel like you're getting what you paid for. However, I just can't work with it. It creates a very thin line and although is creamy, it smudges like no other liner I've tried.. It's not super soft however the colour is very black. I wouldn't repurchase this. 6/10

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Perversion | £15.50

This is a thicker pencil, which I like (probably because it is quicker to apply...) and glides on easily. The staying power is great and is lovely and creamy, cannot fault the application. The only downside is scrubbing it off! 8/10

Kiko Eyeliner in 001 | £2.50

The first drugstore eyeliner is Kiko. Oh Kiko, how sad I feel saying this but this product is crap. As you can see from the photo, it has awful pigmentation for 'black' and is stiff and pulls at my eyelid (not comfortable). I swatched once for each of the liners, so you can see the difference. I know it's a cheap liner, but the next one cancels out the opinion that all cheap liners are rubbish.

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black | £6

Avon Eyeliner is a huge huge diamond in the rough. I simply cannot fault this product. It does everything I ask for in a liner. As long as you keep it sharp, you can do whatever you like- a thick or thin wing, you could line your waterline or even your crease. It took me a few days to get this off my arm, so that says a lot. I actually did a full review of this product back in January, here. 10/10

 From L-R, Avon, Kiko, Urban Decay, Mac

I hope you enjoyed this style of posts, I personally love reading comparison posts. Which liner surprises you most?


30 Thoughts Every Girl Has In The Gym

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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has In The Gym, blogger, bristol, cardiff, curious, fitness, funny, gif, gym, hannah rose, hanrosewilliams, swansea, thoughts, women,

The gym is somewhere most people have found themselves at least one time in their life. Some venture into the unknown more than others and that’s cool. But there are some things every gal has in common, no matter what their size or experience. That is some thoughts that we have. Whether you’re squatting triple your body weight or doing some incline walking, I bet these statements have crossed your mind…

1. It smells in here, who doesn’t know what deodorant is? Oh wait, is that me?

2. Did I even put on deodorant?

3. I’ll start with a jog to warm up.

4. Am I breathing too loudly?

5. Why is he looking at me? I do not look cute, is my face bright red?

6. How is she running that fast?

7. Plus, how does she look so good running? Do I look like that?

8. What make are her trainers, I need them to run like that.

9. Whoever invented sports bras was obviously having an off day.

10. I’ve only been running for six minutes? What is life?

11. I think I’m melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

12. Is it possible for a human to sweat from their forearms?

13. I love this song! Is it acceptable to sing here?

14. If I owned a gym, I would make it mandatory.

15. I knew I should’ve taken my foundation off, it’s running into my eyes and it burns.

16. I didn’t bring a towel; I better subtly use toilet paper in the toilets.

17. Crap, I didn’t check whether I had toilet paper stuck to my head.

18. *Walks past a mirror* Is my butt looking perkier yet?

19. Have I taken a swelfie to log this workout? Instagram must know I was working out.

20. Why did I bother coming?

21. If I didn’t eat that packet of custard creams, I wouldn’t even need to be here.

22. I can’t wait to eat after this.

23. I can eat even more after putting myself through this.

24. I may venture into the weights room.

25. How the hell do you use this machine?

26. What do I do? I’ll just copy him.

27. 10kg sounds manageable.

28. Nope, it’s really not.

29. No, abort mission, it’s way too intimidating.

30. *Walking out of the gym* I went to the gym and I am a new woman.
All GIFS from GIPHY.

So there we have it. They are some things that cross women’s minds in the gym, in case you were curious. Gosh girls are a strange species, aren’t they?

Student Series- Coping With Change

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When I started College, I was nervous and had to learn how to deal with the changes. From the longer days to all the new people, it took some time. It was the same when I went to University. You know what? It was probably the same when I started Nursery when I was three. The three hours in the morning was way too long for me. The only reason I looked forward to going was the apple and milk time... Did anyone else have apple and milk time at Nursery?

The transition from one step of education to the next can be hard, new surroundings, forming new work and friendship groups isn't always an easy task and doesn't always happen straight away. Not everything will go smoothly and you will struggle- but it's a challenge and that's what life is all about. I have some words of advice for those who are about to go through a change in their education life, so listen up if you are one.

Take some time to chill out.
Once a day step away from the madness of constant fresher’s events and reflect on where you are. Use this time to clearly think about the friends you are making and the decisions in your course you are making. Are they right? If not, change something.

Make your room your own.
Decorating your room is very important. Putting up loads of pictures or fairy lights or cushions to make it homier will then make you feel loads better. Plus everyone will want to come into your room because it’s Tumblr af.

If you don’t have to worry about money, this will make moving to University much easier. Give yourself a monthly allowance and stick to it.

Find people like you.
Join societies and clubs that you are interested in and hopefully you will find likeminded people. You're not going to do this by sticking to your flat mates. Unless one of them is crazy in to blogging like you are, then you will probably become best friends.

Be organised.
If you are organised from the start you will definitely relieve some pressure off of yourself in the future. If you work out how much time a week you should be studying, you know how much time you have to socialise and this can then be guilt-free time to enjoy with your new bezzie mates.

Stay healthy.
As in common sense stuff that a lot of students seem to forget. Like getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water. Probably more than you feel you should have because of all the alcohol you have consumed.

Remember you have done this before.
Like the first time you stepped in to the hall for Nursery, you've dealt and got through change before, so you can do it again this time.

Good luck with your new change and remember not to over think everything. You are all in the same boat! 
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