I love reading a tag, don't you? It really lets you get to know some facts about the blogger whose blog you have stumbled upon. So Chloe from Chloes Way recently posted this tag and tagged everyone, I have taken the opportunity as I haven't posted a tag in forever (For the first time in foreverrrr- sorry, had to).

What is your favourite beauty product?
Why start with such a vague question- it's so difficult! I would have to say.. Mascara. I would happily leave the house with just mascara on.. And some clothes of course.

What is your all time favourite brand?
My all time favourite brand is a really hard one so I'm just going to tell you of my top brand at this moment.. It'll have to be benefit. Their blush, they're real and brow zings are products I use everyday. 

Do you collect anything?
Do clothes, shoes, bags and beauty products count? If so, yes. Yes I do collect things.

Early bird or night owl?
Both. I love getting up early otherwise I feel like it's been a waste of a day. I also love the evening, whether it be chilling out watching a movie or getting ready for a night out.

Tea or coffee?
Tea. Don't get me wrong, I do like a cup of coffee however a cup of tea in the morning and another in the afternoon with banana cake and then before you go to bed is perfect. Do I drink too much tea?

Whats your favourite TV show?
Walking Dead, hands down. I look forward to it all week when it's on. I also love watching TOWIE, MIC, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Glee and Ugly Betty.

If you could travel to any era, when would it be?
Probably post war time, so 1945. For a variety of reasons, but as I want to be a teacher, I would've loved to have taught then. Just something about the 40's draws me in and have you seen the hairstyles?

Please do this tag if you haven't already done, and let me know- I'd love to read them!

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