First and foremost, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being a size 10; as long as it's a healthy size 10! Now since I stopped growing, I've always been a size 10 on top and bottom (occasionally a size 12 on top due to my bigger boobies!) and am used to shopping for that size. So here are my '10 problems being a size 10'.

1.  Shopping online, we have to buy two sizes of everything. Every retailer's idea of a size '10' is different. Basically paying fit insurance.

2. We can't buy anything without trying it on- something that fits the thigh will be a nightmare on the calve.

3. Greedy size 8's and 12 are always stealing our co-ords because they have a bigger bum or bigger boobs.

4. When we go on abroad in Europe, our size is usually the second largest, which always makes me giggle.

5. Being the most popular size in Britain, it's always the first to be whipped up in the sale. ALWAYS.

6. Also makes me giggle when people ask me why I work out if I'm a size 10- is that a joke?

7. All size 10's have different boobs. Find me a boob size that fits perfectly in a size 10 top, please.

8. Being compared to the number 8 as our curves are luscious.

9. Clothes shops assume all us size 10's are exactly the same height, well, we're not.

10. Lastly, we can't help making every regular outfit look so sexual.

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