As I am about to enter my second term of Uni, I reflected on my first term before Christmas and forgot to upload it...

First term of Uni done and dusted. That's a 9th of my degree done. Hasn't quite hit me yet, however I have learnt a lot in three months. I have had a whale of a time and I'm trying to make the most of first year as many people have told me it's the easiest year of which you have the most time to go out and enjoy yourself...

Excuse the snapchat timing...

Although I haven't quite grasped the whole money/ budget thing, I am getting better. When my loan came through, I thought it was the best thing ever and went crazy ordering and buying clothes, makeup, shoes and food. However a few weeks in, I had a good look at my expenses and realised I need to calm down. Therefore I started prioritising what I was spending my money on. I decided what I really need and want and trips to the Starbucks on campus are not necessary.

Getting Ready Quickly
Last minute nights out are always the best, let's be honest. 8:30pm on our last night, my flatmate and I looked at each other and decided to get ready and go to watch Snoop Dogg, who was insane. I always have two outfits in my wardrobe for emergencies and some makeup in a bag for when I'm in a rush. I sprayed some dry shampoo on my hair and I was good to go in half an hour.

This falls under organisation and money also. As I'm on my own, I need to plan what I'm going to eat as I don't have the money to waste food. Buying frozen meat in bulk is much cheaper and also if you have an awesome flat mate/ mates you can cook together which is also much cheaper.

Your story will always be nights out. Drunken nights out.

Work organisation is the most important thing you will need to get right. Going out and making friends is so much fun, but you're not paying all that money to get drunk. I want a good degree so I prioritise my work. I have a timeline of assignments on my wall and my diary is full of notes. I constantly email my lecturers as that's what they're there for. Don't be afraid to ever ask for help!

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