Cleaning brushes is something I think a lot of us neglect. Beauty bloggers and those of us who read beauty blogs may be avid brush cleaners as it's been drummed into our brains. However, whenever I talk to my friends about it, some of them have never cleaned their brushes! This makes me think about primary schools as we were made to wash out paint brushes after every use. I'm not saying we should be doing it every day, but once every now and again would be good girls!

The look of dirty brushes is not nice and of course thinking how unhygienic they can become. There are so many tutorials out there on how to clean your brushes but I thought I would make a simple, cheap way of cleaning them. I deep clean my brushes using... Wait for it.. Johnson baby shampoo! It's travel size is cheap and lasts such a long time. It's very gentle but does a great job.

I take all my brushes into the bathroom with my shampoo and a flannel. I keep the tap running and wet the brushes. and always keep the brushes pointing directly down so not to get the water running into the base. I pop a squirt of shampoo onto the flannel and take two or three brushes and swirl them on the flannel then I rinse them again under the warm water.

When all the brushes are done, I lean them against the wall onto a towel so they drain downwards and leave them over night and thats it! Clean brushes really makes a difference to my skin. Do you ladies have any other tips on cleaning brushes?

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