I honestly thought this was for men, until about a year and a half ago the shop assistant in Lush recommended 'Prince' to me. I was looking for a shaving cream for my legs that doesn't require n expensive, fancy razor. I swear by this shaving cream and it honestly works like a dream.

It lasts for a long time and has a lot of goodness such as witch hazel extract and rose water in it and it's main smell is orange. It's a very calming and soothing cream, alowing it to cleanse my skin. It glides on effortlessly with a little scoop on your fingers for each leg. I do massage it into my leg a little, which seems to assist in the hair grabbing. I also rinse the razor to avoid clogging after each stroke. This would be the only downfall; it clogs up your razor like a lot! It doesn't dry your skin out at all.

I wouldn't care if this was aimed at men, I recommend it for every gals stems!

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