Hannah over on her blog Hannah Cozens tagged my in the 'Me-Time' tag and as I haven't done a tag in a long time, I thought it was time to! Thank you for the tag! I love being on my own sometimes, it can be so relaxing. I nominate Ffion from A South Wales Blog and Jessica from Blonde of Carbs and anyone else that fancies answering these questions!

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1. What do you watch or read during me-time?

I have just finished watching Gossip Girl and really enjoyed it. I also love The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Glee, thinking about it I'm a huge TV series watcher. They're so easy to go through on Netflix! When it comes to reading, I usually have to read University books, like The Great Gatsby or assigned poetry we've been given.

2. What do you wear during me time?

Nothing because when it's me-time, you'll probably find me in the bath,

3. What are your me-time beauty products? 

My Lush face mask, my Lush bath bombs, my Lush hair mask.. Anything Lush really!

4. Current favourite nail polish? 

My favourite colour is white on my nails, I find it instantly makes me more tanned. I have a Topshop white nail varnish which I adore.

5. What do you eat/drink during me-time?

Steak, onion rings, jacket potato, sweetcorn. That is my all time favourite meal right there. Also the typical chocolate and wine combination.

6. Current favourite candle?

My Yankee candle collection is rather big but my favourite is salted caramel. It is heavenly. I hate the fact we can't burn them at University in our halls.

7. Do you ever have outdoorsy me time?

I often find going to the gym is me-time. I do enjoy working out by myself. Also I love getting my Hunter wellies on and going for walks around the cliff path, I live in such a beautiful place, it should be acknowledged.

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?

No probably not, you can watch a movie at home on your own for free, so it's cheaper and probably more comfy. Plus the cinema is something like £8...

9. Favourite online store? 

I don't often shop online as I would get carried away, but I would probably choose ASOS, like Hannah did. For the same reasons too- it has so much choice in one place.

10. What else do you during me-time?

Sleep! Blog, obviously I love blogging and although it takes time and effort, I really enjoy it. Also I enjoy cooking, with little items as I'm a student but nevertheless.

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