Recently I have noticed my hair still being greasy immediately after I have washed it, I self-diagnosed myself as I have been using the same shampoo for a while I somehow have built a barrier to stop it working. But even after changing my shampoo it kept happening. Then I finally worked out it was the tools I have been using. Looking at my pink tangle teezer closely, I was horrified. Being a relatively clean person, the dirt built up on the brush disgusted me. It never occurred to me to give my hairbrushes a clean but I am so thankful I did.

So, like cleaning my brushes (full post here), I trotted to my bathroom with a flannel, Johnsons baby shampoo and my tangle teezer. The results were brilliant and cleaning hairbrushes is simple and works the same way as cleaning makeup brushes. Give them a rinse with warm water and scrub shampoo on them. Don't forget to clear the brush of hair before you clean them otherwise there may be enough hair to make Charlie Chaplins moustache! Voila! Non-greasy hair once again!

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