I have almost completed my second term at University and have put together some fitness tips with University in mind..

1. Not Gym Needed- So many apps and youtube video are available providing workouts with little or no equipment necessary. Some of my favourites are: Nike Training Club, Nike Running, Pedometer. Check out local halls, they might offer Zumba or Yoga classes and always ask if they do student discounts.

2. Free Workouts- You don't have to spend money on a PT or a fitness guide. When in the gym, you should go in knowing what you want to work on that day, to help you with this, download 'Full Fitness' app or simply go on and they have dozens of workouts online for free.

3. Be consistent- Keep it up, I workout six times a week, mainly because it's one of my favourite things to do. Start off with three days a week and if you have time, work up from there. Rest days are needed, don't forget.

4. Take the stairs- I know you've heard this but studies show quick bursts of exercise can be as effective as a long long workout.

5. Track your progress- You've probably heard about 'progress pics' but jump on the band wagon, they are so motivational. Also measure with a tape measure around some of your body parts every four weeks and record it. I believe weighing scales are pointless as fat is heavy but so it muscle...

6. Stick a picture of your goal body on your fridge door- Self explanatory really!

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