Some of you may overlook a healthy lifestyle at University as flat pizza's and going out for meals with course mates hard to pass on. However, to help you make that next step, I have put together some of my top food tips for all my student readers. Hopefully I can help someone.

1. Where to go food shopping- I find it can be hit and miss. In my university, we have a fresh fruit and veg stall which is much cheaper then any superstore. Aldi and Lidl are my favourites as they're cheap and the mean and fresh stuff is cheap. Failing that, Morrisons and Asda are the next best for students.

2. Buy in bulk- If there's a pack of 15 pork steaks from £7 down to £5, buy buy buy. You can freeze them and take them out in the morning to eat in the evening. Same with pasta, if you go through a lot of pasta, buy the huge bags and it works out much cheaper.

3. Beat the 2am night out binge- Take a snack with you. Yes, I'm serious... I stick a packet of mini cheddars into my coat pocket and after retrieving my coat when we leave the club, I can munch on those. It may not be as exciting as chips with cheese but it's not as bad for you and a lot cheaper.

4. Tastebud app- Download this and put in what you have in your fridge and it comes up with possible recipes/ meals for you. And it's a free app.

5. Alcohol- Alcohol is where most of your empty calories come from, so try and stick to clear based drinks. Such as vodka and tonic, vodka, soda, lime/blackcurrant.

6. Drink a pint of water when you come in from a night out, it'll kick start the washing out of the alcohol and it seems to make me feel fresh in the morning.

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