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As my legs are on show most nights out these days, I thought I'd share my absolute favourite self tan product for your body- St. Moriz instant tan mist. I have previously used the mousse and really got on with it but once I'd tried the mist, there was no going back to the mousse.

Being a drug store tanning brand, St. Moriz have got their tan spot on. Before tanning I make sure my body is scrubbed, legs are shaved and everything is moisturised. This product applies quickly and evenly and I use a St. Tropez tanning mitt to apply it. It dries very quickly (quicker then the moose) and the smell isn't horrendous (I actually don't mind the smell!). The colour I have it in is medium and it is very complimentary and natural and I've found that as long as you've prepped your skin, it is even and streak free. It's not a horrible orange colour but just dark enough to make you feel like you've been in the sun for a few days!

The only negative thing I can say about this tan is the spray nozzle sometimes has a mind of it's own. It does end up on various items around you so I'd advise to go into the bathroom so you can wipe down the tiles straight after.

It lasts quite a few sprays and for £3, trying it out isn't going to break your bank. The spray is definitely the one to go for, I always recommend it when people ask me what I use.

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