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I really enjoy cooking, just wish I had more money to buy expensive food to experiment more. These pancakes are so easy to make and you can switch up the ingredients to suit what you have in your cupboards.

All I used was:
1 large banana
1 egg
15g porridge
30g raisins
20g milled flax seeds
75ml skimmed milk

Once all the ingredients are measured out, I blended them in my good old blender. The heated up the coconut oil in my pan and poured. I had to keep topping up the oil every time I started a new one. Make sure you flip them once they've cooked the bottom. This made a good hearty breakfast before the gym.

I topped it with peanut butter but you can top it with anything in the fridge and cupboards!

15gF/ 59gC/ 18gP

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