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I'm really fussy when it comes to face masks and I either only use Lush ones or ones that people have recommended. Applying a face mask is usually a treat for me, before a big event of if I fancy a pamper. So when I received these face masks in my post, I was very excited to try them as they are something different.

I don't get many spots (anymore!) but I do get tiny blackheads on my nose, chin and also sometimes one or two on my cheeks (I know, gross). Also my skin is dry around my nose and oily everywhere else. Even though I've learnt to control it, I still get nervous using a new product incase it upsets my skin.

The Blackhead Killer Face Masks* come individually so you know how much you've got to use and how many uses left. They're light so you can cart them on holiday, to your boyfriend/ girlfriends or wherever you wish. When I opened it I expected a clear mask with some exfoliating beads or something, but no, I witnessed my first black face mask. I didn't let it put me off, I slapped the thick consistency mask on my face and left it for the advised 10 minutes, you'll know when it's dry. Be careful to avoid your brows, I'm not sure whether they'll rip them off!

Removing it was tough. I had to peel slowly but firmly in order for it to come off in one peel. Once it was off I investigated what this mask had done. Wow. My blackheads were noticeably reduced, especially on the side of my nostril. In the morning I did my usual skin care routine and before applying my makeup, I honestly saw the difference again and how smooth my skin felt and how it glowed (no, seriously).

I would recommend this to anyone who has stubborn blackheads and you can get 5 packs for £14.95 at StyleLux.

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