5 Cardio Variations

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The dreaded c-word, As it's almost time for my holiday, I have upped my fasted cardio (groan). I don't hate it as much as some of the people in the gym, if I have the right tracks to listen to, I can go for a full hour. But it does get boring, so I like to switch it up now and again. Here are 5 different types of cardio you can be doing, so you don't get bored and give up.

I usually run for 30 minutes on speed interval. One minute jog, one minute sprint while every two minutes I up the incline until 15 minutes then gradually bring it back down. You could also put it on the highest interval and walk at an average pace. Make sure you're squeezing them glutes as you step!

I row before I train any upper body. Again, I do HIIT. 10/15 minutes of 45 seconds normal pace then 15 seconds sprint and pull as fast as I can. I recommend this, it gets you very hot and sweaty.

Stair master/ Stepper
Shamefully I've only in the last month found this machine and I've fallen in love. It's usually empty (bonus) and I can spend 30-60 minutes on it easy. The time flies by. Try changing the level every one or two minutes for a burn in your hammies.

I really wish I could go swimming more often, but in my local pool it's about £5 a session. Any type of stroke it brilliant for your whole body, I can't wait to get in the Ibizan sea for some swim sprints.

Sometimes, it's a marathon; sometimes, it's a sprint. However the weather, it's know to burn a lot of calories and it's possibly the most fun way. Except a muddy assault course- they're pretty sweet!

There we have them. Don't be afraid to mix it up even further and maybe do 10 minutes of three types for 30 minutes or something like that. Let me know what your go-to cardio training is or if you'll be trying one of these.

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