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Now before I begin, I'd like to point out I am no expert when it comes to supplements, I've just done a lot of research into what has what effect and which ones will help me with my goals, if I need any that is. This post is a general chat, what I take and why, hopefully it'll give some if you an insight into these supplements and why you could take them. Most importantly, IF you need to take them. You don't have to take any of these to get a six pack, it all depends on your diet.

Stand for Branch Chain Amino Acids. Each pill contains three out of the nine amino acids that make up a good chunk of muscle protein. These muscles cannot be produced by our body, so I get them in from these pills. I take two pills before a workout and two after. They are rather chunky so you have to make sure you have a mouthful of water too!

Creatine Monohydrate
This improves everything as an athlete; power, strength, speed, mass etc. It increases physical performances, I add a 5g scoop of unflavoured to my protein shakes and since adding this to my diet a few weeks ago, I can feel more energy in me when lifting my weights!

Protein Powder
I know a lot of girls think that if they go to the gym, once a week or six times a week, they need protein powder. That is not the case. PP is designed to build muscle, and maintain it. If you're getting enough protein into your diet, you don't need it. Personally I wasn't and after taking this, I have seen a huge difference in my muscle gains. Especially on my arms. Same goes for things like protein drinks and bars.

This was probably a bit boring for some of you to read but I wanted to let a few of you into the world of supplements. They aren't just for beefy men, I promise! They've helped me lean out.

I purchase all my supplements from Myprotein.

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