Review- John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum Extra Strength

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I have never really been a hair care person, always waver towards the skin care aisle of Boots or Superdrug. Not to say I don't take care of my hair, I deep condition over night every week, but I could be a better friend to my hair. So I thought it was about time I learn't to love my hair and try new products and styles.

I picked this John Frieda Frizz Ease serum at Superdrug while waiting for a friend to finish an interview. It claims to have 6 effects, but instead of the original, has added 'silk protein, added control and extra strength'. The six effects are:
I applied it to wet hair, using a walnut sized for each half of my hair (I have very long hair!), then I blowdried my hair as normal. If you use too much, I have found it makes your hair rather greasy. I usually use something like TRESemme heat protectant but I've been using it for ten years now, so I thought I'd try something new.

The results honestly matched up to the most of the '6 effects' on the front of the bottle. I noticed a difference in the frizz factor of my hair as tamed the fly away hair and made it sleeker and more manageable. It seemed easier to blow dry and the finish was more smooth, not sure about the humidity as I'm in Wales and we get hardly any 'humid' weather. It smells great and I would recommend this for people with semi-frizz hair as I don't think it's strong enough for, say, my Mum who has ringlets!

It's £5.99 at Superdrug and £4.14 at Boots at the moment, so if you're in need of a new frizz control product, this is the one to get.

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