Bikini Ready Top Tips

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Summer is next month ladies and I expect you have been working hard for a while on your bikini body! So now is the time to show it off, here are a few of my bikini ready top tips to get your skin and body ready for the beach...

1. Exfoliate. Get rid of that week-old fake tan and dry skin bits so you can get sun-kissed skin a goddess would be proud of. Your tan will last longer if your skin is happy and healthy so make sure you're exfoliating every 3-5 days to remove the dead skin cells.

2. After exfoliating, of course, comes moisturising. The sun will dry your skin out, no matter how hot it is that day so please, please, please make sure you're rehydrating your body.

3. Fake tan is a winning cheater in my eyes. I did a whole post on my favourite fake tan (St. Moriz) here. While enjoying your vitamin D intake, being tanned makes you appear more defined and therefore, more toned. Just because it has the word 'fake' involved, you can still get away with it looking au-natural.

4. Add some va va vum to your water and flush out the toxins. Lemons aid your skin so add some to your glass of water and drink up with every meal. Nobody wants a breakout in summer.

5. Make sure your bikini line is bikini ready. Do this a few days in advance- we don't want to see a puffed up and red bikini line as you've just got a wax an hour before- not a good look.

6. Stand up straight. Always. Congrats- you've lost 10 pounds instantly!

7. Sleep. Yes ladies, "beauty sleep" isn't a myth. 7-8 hours of sleep ensures that everything in your body is running smoothly.

Do you have any bikini ready tips? Let me know in the comments!

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