How To Care For and Grow Your Finger Nails

Apologies for two weeks without my posts, I went on holiday for 10 days to Ibiza (possible post coming soon!) and was ill when I came back but I am back for good, got my job back for the summer, just sorted out all my emails and I've got so much motivation to put all my effort into my blog! Hope all is well with my loyal readers, here's a new post.

I may be lucky and just have strong nail genes but I do have some tips and tricks to care for them and make them babies growwww. You can't expect to have real, healthy nails within a day. Sure you can pay to have them looking fresh but as most girls know, fake nails ruin real nails.

Regular filing and cutting keep them healthy. Think about your hair and how you should get regular cuts otherwise it gets fine, brittle and breaks. Make sure your file isn't to worn and it still works and take time out each week to give them a bit of love and file away.

Base coats protect your nails from the chemicals in the varnish. Not 100% but it's much better then no base coat. Most claim to strengthen your nails too, which referring to mine, I have to agree with. Also cuticles. Nothing's worse then having messy cuticles. I don't have any specific creams or lotions, just moisturiser. Normal body moisturiser keeps my cuticles strong.

I personally love having long painted nails and although it's good to give your nails a few days off now and again, these few pointers should help you maintain the length you want. It's all about maintenance ladies!

I'd love to know how you care for your nails. Any other tips out there?

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