10 Songs To Get Your Blood Pumping

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Repeating the same workout routine over and over again get's boring and could stop having the same effects it did at the start. Well so does repeating the same workout playlist. I created a new playlist last week and still love it. I listen to it on the way to the gym to get me ready to smash my workout!

Music is a glorious thing, it can turn our moods around. Workout music can make us want to lift heavy, run an extra two miles and even actually go to the gym. Music releases endorphins. Working out releases endorphins. So it's a win win all round and it'll make you happier and healthier. Add some new songs to your playlist and get sweaty.

I named it train insane and here are 10 songs included. I have linked some youtube videos of the songs below so press play, get your blood pumping and go workout!

Gas Pedal- Sage The Gemini

Crazy B*tch- Buckcherry

6 Foot 7 Foot- Lil Wayne

Bangarang- Skrillex

Push It- iSHi

Who Gon Stop Me- JAY Z

Lean On- Major Lazer

King Kunta- Kendrick Lamar

Recess- Skrillex

Centuries- Fall Out Boy

Do you have any favourite workout songs?

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