At Home Butt Workout/ Warm Up

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Here's a picture of my and my butt.

For me, I have to have three hours in the day to get the gym in. This included 1/2 an hour there and 1/2 an hour back, up to an hour for my workout then showering after. I do manage to do this 5 times a week but I understand some people find it hard to fit in the time. So here is a workout I made up that is completely using your body weight, so no excuses! You could also do it at the gym for a warm up, which is what I did this morning as it doesn't take long at all. It'll make your bootay grow grow grow! If you don't know exactly how to perform all of the exercises, ask me and I'll post them on my instagram.

20 donkey kicks (Jen Selters favourite) on each side with pulses
10 squats
10 lunges on each side with pulses
15 standing calf raises
20 bridges (pause at the top and squeezeeee)
10 sumo squats

Working the bootay is my favourite thing to concentrate on. It may not be for everyone but no man or woman will complain when they slap a firmer toosh. Don't forget to add your cardio after you've done this. If you want to burn some fat that is.

Let me know if you try this- I'd love to do some more posts concentrating on other muscles and body parts!

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