Flying Fashionably*

The airport outfit is the most exciting outfit for me. It's the first thing I plan and put aside when I'm packing for a holiday, so choosing it can be tricky. Do you go for comfort or style? Personally I try to meet both in the middle; a bit of comfort and a bit of style. I thought I would talk through a few items that you could wear when travelling. Especially if they're bursting with fashion.

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Harem Trousers- H&M
Ribbed Halterneck Crop Top- Topshop
Nude Peep Toe Wedged- River Island

So starting at the bottom you have your PJs. Yes, I have seen grown women travel in their pyjamas! I wouldn't, but I totally understand it if you're on a 12+ hour flight- imagine how comfy you would be. Stick them in your hand luggage for long haul flights. Next up are harem pants, they are loose and you can get so many different patterned ones. You can style them with a crop top and wedges, sandals and a halter neck or flip flops and a vest top. Same goes with skirts- midi or maxi to get you in the summer mood. When travelling I don't wear anything tight on my bottoms as it can get to clammy and hot on a plane, so I avoid jeans and tight shorts. When I flew to Ibiza last month, I wore a black maxi skirt, a yellow ribbed vest, black sandals with a slight heel and I had a kimono incase I got chilli. My bag was a fringed side bag- perfect.

hand luggage allowance, flying fashionably, purple parking, flying outfit, tips, fashion blogger, hand luggage essentials,

Now onto the hand luggage. Packing hand luggage can be tricky, you need a bag big enough to fit all your essentials but not too big it digs into your arm when you're juggling handfuls of makeup from duty free. So try and get a large bag that zips up to avoid a pick pocketer. Or pop all your valuables in a bum bag and work a rucksack. Once you'be found the perfect holiday bag, fill it with these essentials:

1. In a separate little purse, pop you passport, EHIC card, tickets and money in there to keep them safe and accessible. Only take card necessary in case you loose them- there's no need for your Boots advantage card, is there?
2. Wipes- you may need to freshen up.
3. Powder- to hold off the dreaded shiny nose.
4. Mascara- make dem eyes pop!
5. Body spray- don't let your pits smell.
6. Hair bobbles- for when your locks are getting in the way.
7. Brush- to keep away the knots.
8. Headphones- they will pass the time waiting. Especially if you have a delay.
9. Books/ magazine- to read by the pool.

However, there are rules we need to abide with. Isn't their always? Travel specialists, Purple Parking have devised a Hand Luggage Restrictions Table that has everything you need to know about hand luggage allowances. From each airline, it states the appropriate information, including weight and size. Perfect for those of you unsure about what you are and aren't allowed to take. I used this when I flew and really recommend you do to. It'll help you avoid any problems, such as shoving items into your suitcase when you're at the front of check in- nightmare!

I hope these tips are helpful, especially if you are going on a holiday in the next few months- you lucky things!

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