Secret To Longer Lasting Lipstick

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Whether you own high end lipsticks, drug store lipsticks or a mixture, one of the main requirements of lipstick is for it to last more then around 3 hours, agreed? So it's a bit disappointing when you look in the mirror half an hour after applying and it's completely disappeared. I've tried a few things to make it last longer and have found the best routine for applying lipstick for me. It should work for you all so please, go ahead and try it.

Firstly, exfoliate. This isn't a must-do if you have smooth lips but for a better outcome, buy a lip scrub and rub your smackers together- it takes seconds! Then create a base. Basic Vaseline will do for this, think of it like lining your stomach for a night out. It will keep your lips moisturised throughout the day and stop them from looking dry or cracked.

When applying the lipstick, for me it doesn't make a huge difference whether I do it straight from the product or with a brush but it does make the cupids bow and the corners easier to get to. You could then take a tissue and blot your lipstick a few times to really press the colour into your lips. Then apply a second coat.

Now for the most important bit. Fetch a translucent powder and a powder brush and a piece of toilet paper. Place the toilet paper over your lips and brush the powder on top. Sounds so weird, right? But it will actually leave your lips matte and will 100% last longer. If you don't want a matte look, apply some gloss.

So there we have it, my lipstick routine. Do you have any lipstick application tips?

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