Setting Yourself Up For A Healthy Week

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Preparation is key if you want to get through the weekend, look back, and think 'yes, I've been healthy and I'm happy with myself'. If you've been feeling a lack of energy you can get back on track to have a healthy and active week. Here are some steps you may want to follow.

Plan a food diary.
Look at what you have in your fridge and cupboards and write it all down. Then come up with 21 meals and 14 snacks to divide over the 7 seven days. You may need to purchase some more bits and bobs but this will save you time as you can cook some meals before hand and will take the stress off coming home from working knowing you have to conjure something tasty out of nothing to eat. Looking at what you have also saves you money and having prepared meals will stop you from grabbing the naughty stuff to snack on.

Put time aside for exercise.
Realistic time now people. An hour 3-4 times a week is plenty. You can write it down in your diary/ phones and treat it like a meeting you cannot miss. If you are super busy, incorporate something else into that hour. If it's cardio time, you can check your emails on the cross trainer. If you're going for a walk, arrange to meet a friend and go for a coffee in-between.

Drink, drink, drink.
Unfortunately, I'm not allowing you to have a glass of wine or two every night. I'm talking about water. Set yourself a water goal at the start of the day. Put it into bottles in the kitchen and don't hit the pillow until it's all gone.

Book in time for yourself.
Make sure, like planning time for exercise and a meeting, you have pamper time for yourself. Have a bath, watch a movie and just relax. Turn off your phone and zone out. Get to bed early and put your phone on the other side of the room so you can really get some sleep without being interrupted.

Hopefully these steps will take you out of a unhealthy week mode and set you off for a energy infused, healthy week,

What steps do you take to have a healthy weekend?

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