The Sellotape Trick

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(I know, I know, I need better quality photos- I've saving!)

Finding new ways to make applying makeup more precise without being too complicated is a godsend. When I get ready for a night out, I like to take my time with my makeup as I enjoy the process so much. But I have found that sometimes it doesn't always sit where you want it too. Whenever my Mum applies her mascara, she gets it underneath her eyes, causing it to smudge which ruins her base makeup- nightmare! You may also have the problem of your eyeshadow dropping all over your face.

Last Saturday when I was getting ready for night out, I used sellotape, just a random one from my stationary drawer and placed a strip diagonally from the outer corner of my eye to the edge of where my eyebrow ends. I can't believe how easy it made doing a winged effect as I have honestly never grasped the perfect wing! I actually didn't even use eyeliner, just dark eyeshadow (Creep from the Naked 1 palette) and hey presto I produced, what I think, is a pretty good winged look.

You could also place it underneath your eyes, to prevent what happens to my Mum. Instead of being impatient, not waiting for it to dry and smudging it, you can finish getting ready, peel it off (which is so satisfying- I'm not a hard gal to please), touch up under your eyes with your foundation brush/ sponge and you're good to go.

The eye look I went for was a gold/ orange smokey eye. I primed my eyes with Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion, then used the top right colour from the MUA Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette (you have to use quite a but to get these to a good pigmentation as I wanted my eyes to really stand out). After that I used Creep from the Naked 1 palette for the winged effect. I made sure it was darker on the outside to make the wing, then I blended it into the middle of the lid. After than I went in with a tonne of Half Baked, again from the Naked 1 palette and dabbed it all over the middle of my lid. Finally I highlighted the corner of my eye and under my brows with Virgin. I did have to touch them up and make sure it was all blended at the end and then of course I sprayed my eyes with hairspray to help them last all night!

Have you ever tried this trick before?

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