What's In My Fridge? Healthy Essentials For Your Fridge

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Hello everyone! To eat healthily is a little more expensive then buying rubbish from Iceland but in the long run, it is worth it. I'm going to talk through the essentials of my fridge. It is so important to have the basics at hand in order to stick to your healthy lifestyle. So, reporting live with my head sticking in the fridge.

1 packet of chicken. I usually freeze the individual chicken breasts when I purchase them as I won't get through them in time; the rest of my meat is stored in the freezer. But just incase...

Salad leaves

Cherry tomatoes (debatable wether they are a fruit of veg right?)
1 packet of berries (strawberries/ raspberries/ blueberries/ blackberries)

Almond milk
Coconut water
Low fat natural yoghurt/ greek yoghurt (you can add berries for breakfast or a snack)
Babybel lights (no carbs- I live on these)
Jug of infused water (chuck in a lemon or cucumber and mint)
Dark chocolate (don't hate me clean eating police)

Mix and match all of these items for breakfasts/ lunches or dinners! Think of them like your wardrobe essentials. You can make a green smoothie for breakfast, grab some eggs and make an omelette or a salad for lunch, get rice, steam broccoli and have chicken for dinner. Snack on the veggies, fruit or babybels. If I can do this on a tight student budget, there's no reason for you not to! Healthy fridge= healthy body.

What do you keep in your fridge?

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