Back To School/ Work/ Uni Health Tips

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Whether you're off back to school, uni, college or work I've put some tips together to help you avoid falling off your wagon, beating the temptation and keeping healthy. We all find it hard sometimes but if you have an alternative, it'll be much easier.

1. Bring Your Own Snacks
There is nothing worse then being offered a cupcake in the staff room, or sharing a big packet of harribo at lunch at school when you're trying so hard to kick them out of your diet. It really puts your self will to the test, doesn't it? Snacking on the naughty food can add pounds onto the scales. So beat this and bring your own tasty snacks. One savoury and one sweet. So you have a choice and you can politely decline the tempting treats.

2. Hydrate
Common sense really, isn't it? It is the one thing I drop into conversations about health because a lot of people don't realise how important it is. Don't forget your water bottle! Flush toxins and keep your skin looking younger. You don't need the expensive creams, I promise. Drink one big bottle breakfast- lunch, one lunch-dinner and one either side.

3. Be Selfish
Be selfish and keep some time aside for yourself. Do what ever you want in that time. Hit the gym, have a quiet cuppa and read a book. Or even spend the weekend at a spa all by yourself. Sounds bliss to me. You need recharging and to have your own space to let you think and reflect on who your life is going. Are you happy? If not, change it.

4. Sit Up Straight
Poor posture can give you back pains and worse. Make sure your chair is suitable and sit up straight. Your spine won't be able to stay straight if your bending side to side.

5. Move Your Feet
Keep active. Fit in a run before/ after what you're doing. Or offer to walk your dog or meet up with a friend for a coffee and walk there. Use that gym membership you haven't taken advantage of for two months. Just three- four times a week will make such a difference.

What do you do to keep healthy at work?

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