Ibiza Photo Diary June 2015

The autumn season is finally here. In Wales and the rest of the UK, we haven't had much luck with the weather over the summer. So I thought I'd brighten up these dismal days with my Ibiza diary. It's a bit late as we went in the first week of June for 10 days but it was such a good holiday, I'd really like to share it with my followers. These were all taken on my iPhone so please excuse the quality, hope you enjoy.

Ibiza feels like a lifetime ago, it's my favourite place to go in the world. The Island is beautiful, the food is amazing and the nightlife is one of the best on the globe. My boyfriend and I decided our first holiday should be here. Plus as students, staying in the family apartment is much cheaper than a hotel!

Delicious burger in Gatwick and a cider to start us off.

The view from my apartment is full of greenery and the bright blue pool. Perfect to drink our morning coffee.

Had to have sole in my favourite restaurant.

Oh lord.. First night antics we ventured out to the strip and made some friends on the way.

Santa Eulalia.

We hiked up the old town in Evissa and looked over Playa d'en Bossa. Stunning views although we were both rather sweaty!

The most delicious frozen yogurt. If you're ever in Ibiza town, go here and try something. There was so much to choose from.

Paella is something you have to have when you come to Spain and this did not disappoint.

Plenty of sangria was shared over the 10 days.

This was one of my favourite outfits. Top- River Island (as Chris called it, my cows ass top as it was brown suede) and Shorts- H&M.

Pina coladas all round. Plus we became obsessed with olives. Every evening we'd mange to get some in!

This is my favourite photo of the holiday. The hill behind us is where my apartment is and it was so lovely to show Chris this island where I spent most of my Summers.

We headed to San Antonio for a night and hit a boat party.

It was great fun and one of the best days.

The pool's pet. Twingo has been there ever since I can remember. God only knows how old this guy is.

Before we saw Steve Aoki (eek!) we had to go to the sunset strip of course; music, cocktails and everyone claps at the end. 

Steve Aoki was insane. We were asked to jump the queue and go into VIP then went down into the crowd when he came on. He shook about 4 bottles of champagne over us and threw 5 huge cakes into the crows. It was crazy!

We left Pacha about 6 am and got a taxi to a little beach close to our apartment. We watch the sunrise which was beautiful. Excuse our tired faces and messy hair.

Biggest steak I've seen and one happy chap.

There we have it. Hope you enjoyed a little nosey into our holiday and it brightened up your week. Next year I'll have a better camera and be able to take proper outfit and landscape pictures.

Did you go on holiday this year and upload photos? I'd love to see them.

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