Review: Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion

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If you've never heard of this body moisturiser, I will be shocked. The benefits are brilliant, it's affordable and it smells like a dream. Plus as we're getting to the colder days, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion (here) is a perfect buy.

The consistency is more runny but less sticky than the body butters from The Body Shop, however it's still rather thick. It does take a good rub for the skin to absorb it but that's what makes it so brilliant. I can apply this in the morning and go all day feeling silky and my skin doesn't feel dehydrated. If you have dry skin on your legs and haven't found a moisturiser to get rid of the horrible flakes, this is the one.

I've read it is very good for pregnancy stretch marks. I don't know about that but it has definitely helped with my stretch marks I have on my thighs due to muscle growth. They have significantly shrunk in size. In the Palmers range they have pregnancy products- perfect for the bumps stretch marks! It really does smooth and relieves dry skin.

Another great thing about this lotion is how long it lasts me. A small amount of the lotion can go a long way and I use it on a daily basis. This 250ml bottle will last me a good couple of months. This is perfect for a student budget! It saves me money and as it's only £4.15 in Boots (you can buy it online cheaper) you can't go wrong!

The smell is the bee's knee's. It reminds me on a Milkybar and is so yummy. It has a rich cocoa smell that is stronger than The Body Shop's moisturiser. Yes, it's possible. I guarantee you will get compliments when you have this on. It is slightly too thick to apply in the Summer but is perfect for when the weather gets colder.

Have you tried good old Palmers?

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