Why You Need To Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks

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So I've never been one for coke, lemonade or fanta. Not because they're full of sugar but because I've never liked them. The only time I drink them is a vodka lemonade when I go out. I was interested to see why we get told too avoid fizzy drinks so I did a bit of research and it urged me to convince you all to cut down on those delicious but naughty drinks.

1. They ruin your skin. If you drink them regularly, your skin may look older then it is, as they have been linked to accelerated skin ageing. They can cause acne and leave your skin looking rough and lethargic.

2. They cause you to bloat. Think about it. It's gas. Namely carbonic acid, which fills your stomach with air. If you're going out for a meal, avoid them as you'll have more room for the food you're paying for (this includes sparkling water).

3. Your teeth will be harmed. Now I have weak teeth as it is and try and avoid sugar. Fizzy drinks have 10 times more sugar then fruit juices. Ew, no thanks.

4. Do you want your liver damaged? Well the excess sugar can speed up a layer of fat around our lives which leads to fatty liver disease and then maybe liver failure.

5. They strengthen your chance of having diabetes. If you're drinking one or two per day you're more then 25% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes then folks who drink one a month.

If I can get a few of you to cut down on your fizzy drinks, look into them more, or to rethink them all together I shall be happy. Do you drink a lot of fizzy drinks at the moment?

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