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I don't know how I'd get through my day-to-day life without apps. Sounds awful doesn't it? Not because I'm obsessed with them, but because I'm so reliant on them. I'm sure many of you have an interest and an slight addiction to various types of apps as well. I like a mix of programmes that can help me with my day but also I can scroll through when I have a spare 5 minutes. This is a list of my favourite and most used apps. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest are the typical apps most people have on their phones. I use them daily, although I do go through phases with Pintrest, I'm sure we all get the urge to look at pages and pages adorable bulldog puppies, right? A Beautiful Mess (ABM)- This is the app I use to edit my Instagram photos. I mainly use it for cropping my photos but it does have beautiful filters and editing features. Myfitnesspal- I track macros, not calories, and this is the way I do it. I'm sure you've all heard of this app but if you really want to take what you put into your body seriously, download this and start adding your food. It'll make you really think about what's in the food your eating and help you change it for the better. Timehop- every morning I have a quick look through Timehop. You can link it up to your social media accounts and photos and it'll show you exactly what was going on this time every previous year. I usually end up laughing at what I posted on Facebook 6 years ago. Almost as embarrassing as a drunk tweet from last year. GBK- This rewards app is the best. As soon as you sign up you get a free homemade sauce. You can rack up points to earn rewards, order from your table and order to take away. Perfect if you love great burgers. Spotify- Paying the small amount (£5.99 as I'm a student) to have unlimited music you can play anywhere and save to your phone is brilliant. Except, as we all know, no Taylor Swift. First Bus/ GWR- these are my two holy grail travel apps. The first bus is so handy to whip out and see where the busses are going at the stop you are at. The railway app is much easier then buying them online and it always has the updated times and platforms, which has saved me getting on the wrong train many times. Pacman- Because I travel on trains so often, I do loose signal on my beloved device. This game doesn't need Internet and it addictive. Just simple pacman really #retro I'm always on the hunt for new apps, so let me know what your favourite apps are!

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