PLB South West Blogger Meet

Last Saturday I went to my first meet up. I have always wanted to attend one, but as they are usually in London, which is way to expensive to get to for a few hours. Being able to chat to all the other girls about anything and everything was so lovely. Especially as we have that one thing in common we couldn't stop talking about- BLOGGING!

Adele and Kirsty hosted the #PLBSWMeet and I take my hat off to them. It took so much time and effort and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you. It was in the Cosy Club in Bristol (luckily a 20 minute drive away for me!) and I have been to the Cardiff one so if you get a chance I would recommend you going there, it's so cute and quirky. The day consisted of chatting, drinking, eating and networking. Even though there wasn't a huge group of us, I felt like I got to chat to everyone and I wasn't too overwhelmed as it wasn't a massive first event.

We also held a little raffle for the charity Mind. I was picked last (story of my life) but managed to grab a tea tox set. I wouldn't go out and buy one myself as I don't think I need them but I'm willing to give it a go and give you the truth.

Two brands came to chat to us. One was DRYU. A new company selling waterproof bags. Yes completely waterproof! They are designed to keep all valuables safe and dry. I was gifted the medium one (Excursion) (of course in the Cherry Blossom Pink) thinking I will use it to the gym as it's not huge and also to Rugby training. But they'd be perfect if you were going on a pedalo and wanted to take your phone, playing any water sport, or just want to keep all your belongings dry. I'll let you know how I get on with this bag but at the moment, it seems perfect. 20%?!

Sass was the other brand. I loved the whole idea and concept of this and cannot wait to try out the samples we were kindly given. Sass is an intimate skincare brand that has discrete packaging and offers women a way of keeping downstairs hygienic and clean in the correct way. I will definitely be doing a review of some of their products.

Now on to the goody bags. The bag itself is a keeper. It says 'Blogging Is Thirsty Work' and they were full to the brim with goodies. Then I went straight to watch Wales V Australia but I managed to pop them under a table out of the way.\

I had such a great time and hopefully see all the girls at the next event! 

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