WTF Do I Do With Couscous?

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So an idea popped into my head just now.. I've never tried this before on my blog so I will see how it goes! I would like to start a series and I'm going to call it 'WTF Do I Do With' and every now and again I will feature something that you've possibly never heard of or something I may have only just tried. I think once I have built up a few of these posts, it will become helpful for people who have no clue what to do with something.

So I'm kicking it off with couscous. I had a Mexican bean and couscous salad for lunch and was inspired. If you know this fella well, you could still have a read and maybe be inspired by some new ideas. Couscous is semolina. What's that I hear you ask? It's the tiny wheat middlings of durum wheat (the most common type of wheat) used in pasta, rice and couscous. Back on track, couscous is semolina which is cooked by steaming.

Per 100g there are: 112 Calories. 0.2g Fat. 23g Carbs. 3.8g Protein. So they are basically carbs. But good carbs as in comparison to a standard packet of Walkers ready salted crisps which contain 16.7g of carbs, even though there is less, it's not going to be good for you is it?

Now onto the good stuff, how to make and eat this bad boy. I'm going to be honest. I've never homemade this so I cannot advise you on that one, but I did find this awesome recipe from Big Girls Small Kitchen so check out this link here if you fancy giving it a go. It really doesn't sound that hard. The way I get couscous in is I swap it for rice, pasta or potatoes. I simply pick up some packets on my weekly shop. They're cheaper than packets of rice and so simple. You can purchase a 1kg bag for £1.30ish in most supermarkets and that will last you so long. A packet of couscous is 50p in Tesco and even cheaper in my favourites- Aldi and Lidl. There are so many to choose from- Mediterranean, roasted vegetable, sun dried tomato and garlic, the list is endless!

All you need to do is empty the packet into a tupperware, boil the kettle and pour on the water! Yep, it really is that simple! If you're stuck with what to eat it with here are some ideas:

Have I said couscous enough times in this post? If you have been inspired to get some couscous on your next trip to the shop- let me know. Or if you are already a couscous lover, what do you usually eat it with?

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