How To De-stress

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Work, family, relationships, studying and hobbies can be stressful. I'm positive we can all think of one thing that is stressing us out right now, you're not alone and it's not uncommon. Sometimes it's hard to tell yourself enough is enough and someone else has to tell you.

You need to be careful not to run yourself into the ground, trying to achieve a goal and forgetting what's most important, you. Don't let yourself get to the point of the hair ripping and the arguing. Take a step back and look at the wider picture.

1. Eat well. For your mind to be straight thinking, you need to cleanse your inside. Making sure you get a balanced diet, don't be tempted to come home and fling a ready meal in the microwave. A roast chicken breast with veg will be more satisfying and hopefully you will find cooking relaxing.
2. Open a window. Put a jumper on and let the cold air surround you. Being outside has a relaxing effect, so if you don't have time to go for a walk in the park, make do with some fresh air in your own bedroom.
3. Work those lips. Studies have showing a kiss a day can keep stress away and make you feel less isolated which can cause anxiety.
4. Take it easy. I'm actually not going to tell you to work out in this post. A bootcamp-type workout can be the very thing you don't need. Instead, just go for a walk, around the corner or to a shop, you will be able to reflect on what's stressing you out and how you can combat it.
5. Write it out. Write down why everything is stressing you out then in another colour, write down how you overcome this. It'll help you clear your head.
6. Laugh. Watch a funny film or call up the person who makes you laugh the most, it is the best medicine, proven to lower tension.
7. Uncork a bottle. Talking about your problems with someone else is also great therapy. Wine just helps the words come out easier.

Even if one of these ways to de-stress work for you, I'll feel as if I've done a good job.

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