Christmas #BlogClub At Bath & Unwind

Two weeks ago, I attended my second blogger meet up. This was with #BlogClub which is based where I go to Uni but surprisingly, I've never heard of them until now! It was held at the new offices of Bath & Unwind, which are absolutely gorgeous. I got the chance to meet some of the team at B&U  and also met some new bloggers!

Everyone looked beautiful and we were kindly given drinks and nibbles and there was a raffle, makeovers, nail painting and gingerbread men decorating. The interior design of the offices were amazing. It reminding me of a an urban, London apartment.

This is the lovely Sophie & Hayley, the duo-founders of Blog Club.

My Christmasy outfit. Top- Topshop. Jeans- Topshop. Boots- ASOS.

Me and Karina

I had a great time, thank you to the Blog Club and Bath & Unwind for allowing me to meet all these amazing people.

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