How To Freeze and Reheat Rice

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Whenever someone tells me another thing you can freeze to save, I get too happy. It allows me to save money and time- who wouldn't say no to that? I freeze as much as I can (meat, bread, precooked meals) but rice? I would never of thought of freezing rice. Brown rice takes longer then white rice, so when I found out you could freeze the stuff, I realised I can now cook it in bulk. Being a student and usually cooking for one, it seems silly to only cook one or two portions so I tried cooking it and freezing it.

Carry on reading to find out how I managed it...

1. Measure out your portions of rice (usually 75g per person). I did about 5 portions (375). Then cook it as you would on the hob.
2. Drain it and allow it to cool for a while but you want it to be warm when you bag it up. This is because when you reheat it you don't want it to be dry and taste un-fresh.
3. Measure out the rice into 75g portions and bag it up. You can control how much rice you've having for the next two weeks or so.
4. Pop it in the freezer. It will last around 3-4 months- unbelievable right? Perfect for people living alone or students.
5. When you fancy some of that rice, take it out of the bag (you may have to run it under the hot tap). Then put it into a bowl and in the microwave it goes for around 2-3 minutes  (a little longer/ less depending on the amount of rice you have).

And there we are! It's a little like Uncle Bens, reheating it, but I assure you it's delicious. You can use white, brown, basmati, or whatever rice you like. I hope you find it saves you some time. Freezers are an excellent invention, aren't they?

Will you be trying this?

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