Smashing 2016 Fitness Resolutions

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Joint goals of losing weight and getting fit are the most commonly broken New Years resolutions. That's nothing to do with 'lacking motivation' to workout or eat less cake but rather counter-motivations that prevent you from exercising. These could be doing more shifts in work, visiting a friend for a coffee or reading another chapter of a book, whatever it is I'm sure they can be justified. But I'm also sure they are the same reasons over and over again.

Planning your gaols are important, but planning how to defeat the obstacles are as important. Try to make your gym life fit into your life schedule, if you only have 30 minutes spare one day, still make the effort to go. I've said it before; one hour is 4% of your day. No more excuses.

Here are some realistic, easy fitness resolutions for you to smash in 2016.
  1. Make all fast food restaurants within a 50 mile radius of your house off limits.
  2. Ban walking down the confectionary aisle.
  3. Ditch the dieting this year. Deprivation doesn't work.
  4. Once a week, roast something you would usually fry.
  5. Plan out your meals every Sunday for the whole week.
  6. Do three HIIT workouts a week.
  7. Set up a small (and inexpensive) home gym with a mat, skipping rope and dumbbells and try a new workout each week.
  8. Whenever you cook, make double and freeze it. That way you always have a healthy meal ready.
So choose two and stick to them! Once you're through to February, it'll be a part of your lifestyle and you'll never look back. Let me know which ones you fancy doing.

I cannot believe this is my last post of 2015. Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented and supported throughout the year, look forward to big things next year.

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