Body Shaming In The Gym


In the gym, you see people using machines incorrectly, you see people using free weights incorrectly and you see men and women who are out of control and overweight. But sometimes you forget where they are, they are in the gym. They are doing the right thing and they are trying. Some people are new to the gym, especially at this time of year, so you should expect the mistakes. I sadly also see people in the gym commenting, videoing and laughing at others doing the wrong thing in the gym.

It's not just new or overweight people who get this, I get it, everyone does. If you're insecure, don't pull someone else apart to make you seem better, because it only lasts a while. It's such a shame because we are all different, some have stronger core, some have bigger arms and we should be helping each other, not putting each other down.

I only have to smile at someone (because that's what I do) and they seem to be taken aback in the gym and look very confused. Why? They don't expect compliments and that's also a shame. Everyone in the gym should help each other to become better beings, helping each other should be easier than it is. This post isn't aimed at women in the slightest, I once saw two lads make fun of a younger boy with all the gear but no idea. Did they go and show him a few exercises? No. How ridiculous and cruel. I asked one of the personal trainers to guide him and they were more than happy to.

If you're going to the gym to loose weight, do it. If you're going to stay fit, don't worry when someone comments on your body, that you haven't gained more muscle or haven't changed in a while, that might not be your goal. Surround yourself with people that support and help you reach goals. There is no such thing as a "perfect body".

What you wear in the gym is not important, everyone should wear what they feel most comfortable exercising in. Too much skin doesn't make you look like a slapper and baggy clothes do not make you sloppy. Ignore the catty comments, please. Now I understand walking in the gym can be scary but everyone walks in with a goal, don't push people down when they want to aim higher.

Spread the love and help people out. Our bodies make us beautiful. If you're still struggling, check out my Confidence Tips In The Gym post. Hope this post helps someone.

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