My Favourite Bum Excersise

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Last week I did a poll on Twitter and asked what you want to see in the next 'My Favourite Exercises' post and it was pretty close but the winner was butts! Building a bigger behind seems to be all the rage at the moment and I totally understand why! Who doesn't want a better bum? The gluteue maximus (or the glute), is a big muscle that requires attention. Here's my favourite bum exercise at the moment.

So this exercise you can only do with a assisted pull up machine in your gym. Just because it's a pull up machine, doesn't mean you can't get a great lower body workout out of it. Its called the glute pushdown on the assisted pull up machine. Obviously targeting your glutes and also works your quads and core.

How to Perform:
1. Set the weight somewhere you believe you can do
2. Hold onto the handle bars and place your foot in the centre of the pad
3. Press all the way down, without locking the knee and squeeze that bootay
4. Return your knee back to the start


- Keep your back straight
- Make sure you don't twist your pelvis
- Don't be tempted to lift the pad quickly, make sure its controlled and you can feel the burn in your quads and glutes
- If it's to easy, increase the weight

Try not to care about people thinking "well, that's not what that machine is used for", who cares? You're one step closer to a more perky butt so ignore them.

What's your favourite glue exercise?

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