10 Spending Ban Tips

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I don't know about you but I am an impulse buyer. I think I need a new bag when I really just want it. I think I have to have a new MAC lipstick when I'm simply lusting after it. So at the beginning of my second year I did some calculations on my money and worked out a weekly budget, it surprisingly has saved me £100's of pounds, enough for a lovely holiday I think! But, as not many rewarding things are, it's not easy. I've devised a list of 10 tips to help you out if you are a naughty spender.

1. Avoid going shopping on your own. This may sound odd but if you are with a friend or a boyfriend and you're dithering over a pair of River Island shoes, tell them about your spending ban and they can help put you off those shoes.

2. Don't open the dreaded marketing emails. Whatever it reads in the snipped on your home email screen, just swipe left like a poor match on Tinder and you won't have to deal with the pretty £10 dresses on Miss Guided.

3. Write a list of essentials you're allowed to buy. If you are an extreme shopper, you will need to release that lust, so write down the standard things you need (shampoo, mascara, etc).

4. Prepare your daily lunches. On average, the regular commuter spends £10.39 on lunch and snacks every single day. Similar to tip number 2, if you're not looking at it, you won't buy it. Making a big spaghetti bolognese or soup on a Sunday night could be saving you over £50 a week.

5. Look back through what you already have. This applies mostly to us beauty hoarders. Fishing around your drawers, you'd be surprised what you can use and blog about in your home alone.

6. Get your fix through someone else. Sounds crazy, but getting my fix through choosing a new pair of rugby boots for my boyfriend actually works.

7. Write the things you don't buy down. This can be so rewarding seeing the total amount that you have saved and can be put towards bigger life goals.

8. Save all your £2 coins. Buy a money jar (ironic, I know, but I'll allow this purchase!) and pop all the £2 coins you have and just leave them there for something special. I've been saving every single one of mine without fail for a few years now. I haven't decided what to buy with them, but it'll be a treat let me tell you!

9. Swap and share. Go round your friends house and swap some makeup or clothes you don't need or use with something she doesn't need.

10. Make a reason to go on a spending ban. Whether it's because you're saving up for a house deposit, university or a wedding dress, have a goal.

Have I convinced you to take any of these tips up?

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