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I'm pretty sure a few of you reading this won't even eat breakfast, and doing this may work for you. But if you find dissatisfied after eating breakfast you should read my favourite breakfast ideas. These are simple and contain no 'faffy' (as my Mum would say) ingredients, perfect for students like myself who are health conscious.


Oats are very cheap, the Lidl's own oats will taste exactly the same as Tesco's Finest, I promise you. Bake your oats with water (water is free after all), milk (soy or almond can be used) and throw in whatever you fancy. A banana and some peanut butter always keeps me full up for hours, or a scoop of nutella and some grated courgette makes it thicken up. You could add nuts, berries, protein powder, seeds or even M&Ms (I did this morning and it was fab).


Half a tub of low fat yogurt can actually keep me full for a while. You could always transfer the yoghurt into a tupperware for later.

Weetabix Protein

I was recently sent the new Weetabix Protein* (£2) to try out. Classic Weetabix has always been my favourite cereal, I usually have it before an early gym session or if I'm hungry and in a rush. These taste exactly  like the usual Weetabix which I'm sure you've all tried. Comparing the standard and the protein weetabix, they both have the same amount of fat, the protein has 1g less carbs and the standard one has 4.5g of protein and the new one has 7.6g of protein in it. It doesn't sound like a lot but if you're trying to hit your macros like I do they're great. If you feel like you don't get enough protein, pick up a packet of these for a change (plus they are cheaper in Morrisons at the moment). I add almond milk or yoghurt to my weetabix and have berries, bananas and honey, almonds, kiwi and lemon or something different I tried was pouring a smoothie over it.


Fried, scrambled or poached on toast, or on a waffle or in a omelette and lots of healthy veg such as spinach and tomatoes. Boil some and eat them on the go if you're in a rush.


Making a smoothie is quick and convenient. Similar to my porridge, I chuck whatever is in my fridge to make a healthy breakfast. Protein powder, frozen berries, oranges, bananas, spinach, water, juice, milk, kale, nutella (cheeky!), cucumber, ice the list is endless. You can't go wrong making a smoothing, I promise you.

I hardly ever eat diary or bread or cereal except porridge or weetabix for breakfast and since I made this slight change to my breakfast, I have seen a huge difference in my stomach and the way it doesn't bloat anymore. Even if you make this change starting three times a week, you may see the difference and it may work for you.

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