Nivea Men Post Balm Shave As A Primer?

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For those of you who are living in a cave, I'll let you in on something, the new makeup craze. Using Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer. I think I first saw Desi Perkins use this on her YT video, then a few more Youtubers were using it in their makeup routines so I thought, I want to try this. But I am on slight spending ban and only purchasing things I need (I want a holiday y'all). So I picked it up in the 3-4-2 in Boots when I needed new skin care.

So this product featured in my January Favourites and since then, it has been a firm favourite. The way I use/ apply is it after the final step in my skincare routine (moisturise), I'll pour a tiny amount to my finger tip and dot all over my face, rub it in gently and let it sink in for a minute or two. Mainly concentrating on my t-zone and cheeks as that's where my makeup seems to slip off first. I then apply make makeup.

I've tried L'OREAL, Urban Decay and MAC primers and this still comes out on top. My makeup has never lasted so long. It makes my skin feel incredible and sits tight on my face all day. It does smell like a beautiful man when you first apply which I suppose can be off-putting, however the smell soon disappears as you apply products on top of it. I feel like it protects my skin from the makeup.

The bottle is a little bit tricky, you must carefully pour it out and not to quickly otherwise you'd have a river of product everywhere. The one downside I found was that it made my skin a little bit more shiny. Of course I applied some powder after my foundation and that fixed, but just beware. You don't want to walk around with a glistening face (Edward Cullen style). It is around £5. and you can get it in most supermarkets or online at Boots here.

Have you tried this primer out yet? Have I persuaded you to give it a go?!

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