21st Birthday Wishlist

Green Spiky Artificial Plant / Spectrum Brushes / Quay Sunnglasses / Nike Trainers / Chloe Eau de Perfum / Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette / Miss Guided Red Dress / Yankee Candle Salted Caramel / Jack Wills Backpack

It's my birthday, it's my birthday! Well, on the 5th of April but it's never to early to post a birthday wishlist! I'm in desperate need of a pair of trainers for the gym. Both my Nike ones have no grip on the bottom, although they have lasted me years. The red dress is from Miss Guided and I saw Sarah Ashcroft rocking this and I thought it would be perfect for 21st drinks. I have run out of my favourite Chloe perfume, so I need to pick some more up if I'm not lucky enough to get some for my birthday.

The backpack would be perfect for my holiday travels this year and also if it fits my MacBook it would be great for Uni. The Vice Palette is something I've wanted for so long, Urban Decay do the best eyeshadow palettes. Aren't the Spectrum brushes the coolest brushes you've every seen? Plus all the reviews are incredible for it.

I cannot wait for my birthday because it means I can see my family, boyfriend and my friends all in one week.

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