7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Gym

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I have had a few messages from people who don't have a clue about the gym and there is nothing wrong with this! While I can't send you in with a solid workout plan (wish I could, I need to get a PT course!) I can advise you to make the right choice and fit for you. Choosing a gym is like choosing a partner. You go on dates, find out if they will suit your needs and you're a match. Well, a good gym will fit your own personality and make you want to go back.

When considering a gym, always set up a tour first and ask for a trial workout. No member of staff will decline a chance to show the gym off to a potential customer. Take in a few things in mind or write them down when you're looking for a new gym, here are some you may want to consider:

1. Cost. This may be the most important factor for a lot of you. If you are smart, you'll find the lower cost. Write them all down and compare them. Look out for offers, most gyms offer discounts around Christmas and Summer times. You also have to take into consideration the distance of each gym, so write down how much the bus or petrol would be (or if you're lucky you could walk).

2. Location. Where it is is important. You'll feel less motivated to go if it's two bus journeys away, so you'll need to balance it out, maybe find one that's close to work or Uni or even near your house.

3. Equipment. Take a good look around at what the gym has to offer and think about what you want out of it. How many squat racks does it have of you intend to take squatting seriously? Are there multiple of dumbbells? Is there a stretch area and enough cardio machines and it may be worth asking what it's like a peak time (5-8).

4. Opening Times. Have a look to see if they're open at 6am, so you can fit in a workout before work. Or if they're open late on a Sunday, so you can pop down for a chilled out cardio and ab session. 24 hour gyms are great, as you can always get a work out.

5. Cleanliness. If there is dead skin and sweat around on the equipment, it puts me off my workout. When you're checking your gym out, make sure it's clean.

6. Staff. The staff are there to help you. If they are friendly and welcoming, they will urge you to ask questions, get them to help you out. If they ignore you, you're not going to want to go back.

7. Atmosphere. What are the people like? Is there a balance between men and women? Is the music something you can deal with if you forget your headphones?

So this is a starting point. I hope this makes it a little easier for someone to choose a gym. Don't be afraid to ask questions, on what they offer and what it's like. Did you ever put any thought into choosing a gym?

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