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A few weeks ago I was sent two products to try out from the fabulous PR team for What Skin Needs. These products came all the way from Australia and I feel they will be more used in the UK due to our Arctic, chilly weather. My skin is battling the cold weather one minute and the heating in the night the other. No wonder it's had a mind of it's own recently. My elbows are often dry so when I accepted these products I had my nose, elbows and heels in mind as they are the most dry parts of me.

What Skin Needs have recently launched their skincare range in the UK and I received the Skin Balm* (£13.99) and Soothing Skin Gel* (£14.99). I also noticed they don't test on animals (I know this means a lot to some people) and both products are natural (no nasty chemicals within).

The Skin Balm* tackles a huge range of skin problems (irritation, dry & damaged skin, skin cell renewal) so I apply it on my nose and my elbows before I go to sleep. I have been doing this for about two weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference. My nose is almost free from flakey, dry skin and my elbows, well, what dry skin? I used it for banishing my dry finger (sounds weird I know), which I used to eczema on years ago and recently my middle finger has been playing up and is often itchy or red. I applied a little of the Skin Balm to my finger and in a few days it was back to normal. This one smells lovely and even when I wake up the places where I applied the balm are still nourished and moisturised. It contains some yummy ingredients which I feel so happy about rubbing into my skin; lavender, tea tree oil, ylang ylang oil, geranium oil, and aloe vera.

The Soothing Skin Gel* is for sun damage, windburn, itchy skin, rashes and skin irritation caused by exposure. If I was going travelling, I would be sure to pop this into my rucksack as it battles so many things. It smells and looks exactly like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. It's almost like a lip balm for your skin; it soothes and protects chapped skin. I did apply this to my nose along with the Skin Balm as I desperately wanted the awful flakiness to be gone. Voila, it was gone. It is very thick but I pat it all over my nose and leave it to sink in over night and it works like a dream.

So both of these products get the yes from me. If you fancy switching it up in the skin care department, I would recommend checking this website out for sure.

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