Where I Find My Fitness Motivation

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People often ask me similar questions; 'Where do you find the motivation?', 'Don't you ever get bored?', 'Who inspires you not to eat that slice of cake?'. It's funny because sometimes I do eat cake and lots of it. But I understand it's hard to keep up the motivation and inspiration 24/7, quite frankly it's impossible. So I've come up with a few places/ people where I find my inspiration.

Youtube probably helped me the most when I first started getting into fitness. I spent weeks studying the form and different exercises until I felt confident enough to start lifting weights. Here are some YT's that may be helpful for you: Jazmine GarciaMattnKayleighNikki BCarly Rowena, Scott HermanZanna van DijkElle Darby

Instagram helps me in so many ways, such as coming up with work outs, meals and little hints and tricks. I love posting my progress, workouts and meals (https://www.instagram.com/hanrosewilliams/). Some of my favourite fitness accounts are: @gymbagsgladrags @kerihughes_ @healthyfitvic @denafinley @sophie_aris @caseylovefitness @thebodycoach @amandafinniee

I find Pintrest quicker and more effective than Instagram. I can spend hours stalking my fitness crushes on Instagram but pintrest is used for my daily dosage of motivation when I need it quickly. I have a pintrest board that I pin all the motivational pictures/ articles I see onto. You can follow it here: https://uk.pinterest.com/hanrosewilliams/motivation/

I follow a few Snapchatters who post fitness/ health related snaps. Here are my favourites: @AliceLDMN @beth.trueman @buffbunny @nblackketter @phfit @sophie.aris @zanzapan

I look at old progress photos (sometimes you may feel silly taking these, but I promise they're worth it), old posts and instagram photos and see how far I've come. It really pushes me to strive towards a better version of myself.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, please share some accounts across social media or blog you think I'd like to follow!

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