Hans Fitness Diary #1

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To incorporate more fitness into my blog, I have decided to add in a fitness diary post at the end of each month. This is for my own record and for you to get ideas and keep up with my progress.

My Favourite Meal

Right now it has to be stuffed sweet potato. I had this for lunch the other day with salad and it was so satisfying. Back the potato in some oil and salt for 40 minutes then scoop out the insides and mix some feta, chilli, garlic and a bit of oil scoop it back in and bake for a further 10 minutes and voila! It's so filling and i wouldn't have this every day as it's rather carb-heavy but once a week I may incorporate this.

My Favourite Snack

As it's Spring, I'm loving smoothies. My go-to smoothie is banana, almond milk, cinnamon, ice and vanilla whey protein.

My Favourite Exercise

Lat pull downs! I love the feeling of my back pulling down and tensing at the bottom of the pull. I have progressed a lot with this by doing it regularly and I usually do 3 sets of 12 at about 60kg (30kg on each side).

Fitness Instagrams I'm Loving

Instagram is the one app I use for fitness. At the moment, I'm loving @linnlowes who's photos are bright, colourful and very realistic. She has good and naughty food and some gym vids, check her out. Also, @naturallystefanie, who has an amazing body and is fascinating because she's a vegan and makes her muscles grow!

Fitness Worth Noting

This month I have loved taking Creatine. I take one small scoop during my workout and I feel like it's improved my performance while training.

Fitness Progress

I have worked hard this month as two holidays are coming up. I have been going to the gym five times a week without fail and have upped my cardio starting this week to three times (two HIIT and one LIIS). Burn away fat, burn away. I have also added one more glute session to my week, grow booty, grow!

If there is anything else you want me to include in these posts, please let me know. Don't forget to follow my motivation Pintrest board here and my fitness board which is full of workouts here. Also, I have created a new fitness Instagram so I can keep my blog Instagram separate (I was unhappy with the mis-mash feed). Go and give it a follow @hanrosefitness (link here).

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