How To Penny Date

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Ok, so you're either thinking back to a time where you actually went on a 'Penny Date' or you're thinking 'what the hell is a penny date?'. Well I'm going to tell you how to do it and an example of a real life penny date.

The Rules:
1. Get ready and jump in your car, making sure you have a penny.
2. Ask the driver to choose a number between 10-20 (this will be the amount of times you flip it).
3. Start your journey (remember heads is right and tails is left) and every time you come to a junction, flip your coin.
4. Do this as many times are no2 told you too until you reach the destination of your date!

When my boyfriend and I did this, we ended up at the most gorgeous pub we've ever been to and it had delicious food, great cider and a beer garden. It got me super excited for summer.

You can do this with a friend, on a first date, with your partner or even your Gran. It allows you to explore without have the same old conversation of 'You decide where to go', 'No, you decide'. Please have a go at this and let me know how it went!

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