March Favourites

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Another month has been and gone, and so quickly (sorry if I say that every month). So here are the products I have been loving this month.

Benefit Brow Zing

I have recently fallen back in love with this product, after using a pencil for a while. The wax outlines the shape of my brows and I use it to brush over patches I have in my brows, I then use the powder to run through all of my brows and top tip- tilt your head in different angles in front of the mirror and you may see patches you have missed, so make sure you're filling them in!

Eyelash Curler

My friend actually bought me this for Christmas so I'm not exactly sure where it is from, but curling your eyelashes before you apply mascara makes such a big difference and I usually forget this. I tend to curl and the route for 10 seconds then move a little higher each time and do the same. The maximises the curl you can get out of the curlers.

Primark False Nails

Do not underestimate these £1 bad boys. As a student, I would rather prioritise £25 for something else (like nice food) then pay to have my nails done. So these are a great alternative the fake/ more expensive nails. The glue isn't amazing but they do last for a few days and you can top the glue up if one pops off. They have so many designs available and now they've even started to do pointed ones, get your hands on some!

Nike Lifting Gloves

These are the best gloves I have ever bought. I have worn these for about 8 months now and will never go back to no gloves. They have completely stopped my hands getting ripped up and hard (yay, I have ladies hands again) and therefore it doesn't hurt if I'm lifting heavy. I don't care if it looks silly or not, ladies if your hands are hurting, invest in some of these (I've even seen Zara selling some).

The Bodyshop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner

What an old favourite I've re-discovered. The smell is probably the only reason these two products made it to my monthly favourites. They smell just like bananas, so delicious I can't even. They do seem to leave my hair more shiny than other products do.

What have you been loving this month?

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