Hans Fitness Diary #2

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Month two of my fitness diary and I have worked so hard this month. Even this past week doing my internship, I'd be up early enough to have a workout as June means a wedding in Malta and Cyprus with my boyfriend, so obviously I couldn't have a week off!

My Favourite Meal

Salmon is what I'm craving all the time. Not smoked, but just baked salmon, with either cous cous or rice and then asparagus or broccoli or green beans. I put a little oil on two fillets, season them with salt and pepper and put them in the oven for about 22 minutes. Lidl sell two fillets for about £2.50, check out my latest meal here.

My Favourite Snack

Plain and simple, a banana. They are my go-to snack and are perfect for when on the go. They're high in carbs so they keep my energy high throughout the day.

My Favourite Exercise

Donkey kickbacks are the one this week. Add a dumbbell behind your knee to make it a little more difficult and I do 3-4 sets of 15 after a bootay workout. It burns my glutes out after a hard session and I definitely feel it the next day.

Fitness Instagrams I'm Loving

This month, @buffbunny is my favourite. Her youtube is personal and informative and she has her own fitness collection, she is a big inspiration of mine. Also, @zeffitness is a bikini competitor and is very knowledgeable. She posts food pics as well as plenty of progress pictures so you can go follow her journey.

Fitness Worth Noting

Hannah, you need to start taking your BCAAs again! Little note to self there!

Fitness Progress

Apart from last week where I only managed to get four in, I have trained 5-6 times. This week in Malta, I'm planning on going Monday- Friday so I better get moving! My eating could've been better. Since moving back home to Mums amazing cooking, I've had to re-jig some things but it's all worked out (I think?!).

If there is anything else you want me to include in these posts, please let me know. Don't forget to follow my motivation Pintrest board here and my fitness board which is full of workouts here. Also, I have created a new fitness Instagram so I can keep my blog Instagram separate (I was unhappy with the mis-mash feed). Go and give it a follow @hanrosefitness (link here).

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