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I used to think vitamins and pills were for people who were ill, old, or lacking in iron etc. But after doing a little bit of wellbeing research I found out that taking multivitamins are important. Along with this, I received Regime's Deluxe Collagen capsules and taking them has become part of my daily routine (along with my hay fever tablet, of course).

Regime London Deluxe Collagen* | £21.99

Before I started taking them, I did some digging and find out the formula uses Peptan collagen, which is natural and high quality Type 1, so they are exactly the same as the collagens found in human bones and skin. They contain 18 essential amino acids, including glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. The directions are to take two capsules after breakfast and 2 after dinner with water.  I have been taking them for the full 30 days and I can tell you the difference it has made. At the start I saw no changes for the first week, but then I noticed gradually, my skin became more full of life and brighter. Also, my skin feels a lot softer on my face and the spots on my back have cleared up. I didn't know what to expect but I am very pleased and would recommend them to everyone, but more for those who have 'aging skin', as it is recommended for.

Tesco Mulivitamins + Iron | £1.80

Now I haven't seen much of a difference to my outer body after taking them for a few months. But I'm pretty sure they are keeping my iron up and doing something good, unless it's all a scam! The vitamins contain 12 essential vitamins and are enriched with iron, which is necessary for maintaining healthy blood. Doctors recommend taking multivitamins and that is what I like to take.

I am interested in vitamins so let me know if you take any!

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